Doctor in the House

I still can’t quite decide whether or not I like this – the hair is wrong, making it look like Hugh Laurie’s wearing a particularly dreadful wig – but what the hey, it’s better than anything I could have done…

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3 thoughts on “Doctor in the House

  1. Missus Tribble

    I always thought that Hugh Laurie would make an excellent Doctor 😀

    • reverend61

      Yes. Particularly now, in his later years – in the Jeeves and Wooster / Fry and Laurie phases of his career he was probably a little young and silly. These days I think he has the gravitas to pull it off sensibly. I’d have loved to see Bill Nighy do it, but alas I don’t think he fits the BBC’s view of a youthful, spritely Doctor, which seems to be the only thing they want these days.

      Thing is, House is rather like Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock Holmes is arguably a bit like the Doctor, so it’s Kevin Bacon territory…

      • Missus Tribble

        Yes, he really needed to outgrow his typecasting as the annoying fop. He’s really got a much better look and feel for serious roles now and he’s definitely one of my fantasy Doctors.

        I know a girl who refuses to watch House because having a crush on Hugh Laurie is Bad And Wrong!

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