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Eggwatch, Part 3

Today, we’ll look at ‘A Town Called Mercy’.

Personally, if I never see this episode again it’ll probably be too soon, but I do need to talk about the eggs. Well, the egg.

I really was hoping that the moment the Doctor unscrewed the top we’d find a little plastic stegosaurus in two halves. “Dinosaurs…in a spaceship!”

Kinder Surprise eggs are great, of course, although I recall an ad from the eighties which made my blood boil, then and now. Have a look.

Why is this annoying? Well, because the impossibly attractive mother offers to bring the kid something nice when she gets home from her high-powered job as a supermarket mystery shopper, and what does he say? “Thank you Mummy, but just to have you home on time would be enough”? No, he asks for three things. Not¬†one. Three. He doesn’t even pause for breath. No son of mine would have been so greedy. He’d have got a clip round the ear. “You obnoxious little brat,” I’d have said. “Just look at everything you have. When I was your age we didn’t even have a house! There were a hundred and fifty of us living in a shoe box in the middle of the road!”

Oh, and I know I did this the other day, but just for the sake of completeness, here’s that Terminator-vision again. Eggs…

I think I need coffee.

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