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This one time, at band camp

I was interested / horrified to discover this morning that someone had found this blog by Googling ‘sonic screwdriver in my pussy’.

Thanks to Gareth, I am happy to oblige.


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Inside the bathroom or escape pod*

A while back I inadvertantly pulled the towel rail off the bathroom wall (and I pray our letting agent isn’t reading this). It was my own fault for sitting on it. Anyway, the metal handle has sat there unused for some time, until Sunday, when Thomas filled it with new meaning and purpose.


It still doesn’t do wood, but you can’t have everything.

* You really need to have seen ‘Silence in the Library’ to get this.

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“Why am I handcuffed? Why do you even have handcuffs?”

Oh God. I really should stop with the anagram generator.

Word games are endemic in New Who. There was Doctor Who >> Torchwood, for a start. Then there was Mister Saxon >> Master No. Six, which Davies maintained was a coincidence but which did, in any case, provide a convenient point of explanation for Josh when we got to the culmination of the series 3 story arc. More recently, and on a related note, I worked out that ‘James Moriarty’ is an anagram of ‘Majority Master’, which is funny when you consider the introduction of the Master as a Moriarty to Pertwee’s Holmes (as Terrence Dicks is fond of re-establishing in pretty much every 2 Entertain commentary). I even got an entire Who / Sherlock pastiche out of it.

But it turns out ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ can be rearranged to form ‘Doc screws in River’. Gareth pointed out that ‘Screwdriver’ more or less contains half this as is, so it’s not much of a stretch, but it’s still pretty lurid, and not something I should really be thinking about just before bed…

“I knew I shouldn’t have asked him to use the turbo setting.”

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Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and also my birthday, and there are many reasons why my wife rocks. But what’s one more?

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