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Have I Got Whos For You (part 48)

This week in Whovania: in Mashups We’d Like To See, here’s Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

A leaked promotional still from the BBC reveals what actually happened after the end of ‘Boom Town’.

And here’s a never-before-seen publicity shot of Count Olaf, Robbie Rotten and the Master looking for disguises in a costume shop.

Well, even supervillains have to go shopping, right?


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#1. The Chilcot.



#2. The Jeremy Hunt.



#3. The Nicky Morgan.


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Family matters (part 2)

So anyway, it turns out that Emily and I have a serious nut allergy.


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Family matters

Tuesday evening, and everyone is gathered around the dining table.

Daniel: …and do you remember the time we went to that Doctor Who museum and I saw the Slitheen and pointed up at it and shouted “Daddy”?

Me: Is there any chance that we could get through just one day without someone retelling that story??

Emily: No, haven’t you heard? He’s embellished it. He now says he pointed to another one and said “Mummy!”.

Me: Actually, that is kind of funny.

Emily: No it isn’t. I don’t look anything like a Slitheen.

Me: No, I suppose not.


Me: Hang on a minute…



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