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Unused Doctor Who Monsters (part two)

Last night, Thomas and I were watching ‘The Web of Fear’. It was episode two, and the yetis were wandering through the London Underground.

Thomas said “Daddy? Is the Abominable Snowman lost?”
“”I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe he’s lost in the Underground, yes. But I reckon they’ve been brought here. They’re robots, remember, so the Great Intelligence has probably got plans for them.”
“No, Daddy, the story.”
“Oh, that. Yes.”

With that in mind, here are today’s unused monsters, one of whom has a distinctly wintry theme.



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Pompeii revisited

About a week and a half ago, I posted a drawing Joshua did of an erupting volcano. It is, for the sake of ease of reference, reproduced below.

When sent this to Gareth, I thought the identity of the Doctor was fairly obvious – he’s the chap in brown, running away from the pursuing werewolf. Gareth, however, thought (quite reasonably) that the Doctor was actually the green-clad thing next to him, and told me so:  “The Doctor,” he said, “is an interesting mixture of several Doctors.  It has the hat of the Second Doctor…

The jacket of the Third Doctor…

And the pointless thin legs of the Tenth Doctor.

There’s even a nod to “Creature from the Pit”, by having a monster with, um, a disturbing protuberance:

He has clearly absorbed a lot of Who, so good job there!”

I explained. The green creature is in fact a fire monster. Well you knew that, didn’t you?

(Images were obtained from here, here, here and here.)

Gareth also asked me about the thing on the left, which Joshua tells me is a box of instructions on how to deal with the werewolves. The problem, of course, is that the werewolf is in fact separating the Doctor from the box, rendering the instructions pointless.

“Maybe the first instruction is to be near the box,” Gareth said. And then “I confused Amf one time.  He was staying on my floor when I was a student, and I wrote a little to-do list for the following day.  One of the items on it was ‘find this list’.  In the morning, there was something niggling at me, something I hadn’t done.  He couldn’t remember either.  I then said ‘aha!’, found the list, and crossed off ‘find this list’.  Amf told me that that really shouldn’t work.”

Circular logic. Can’t beat it.

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Up Pompeii

“Volcano Day”, courtesy of Joshua. The brown things chasing the Doctor are werewolves and the green thing on the top is the Absorbaloff. There is a Dalek there as well if you look.
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