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“‘The Angels have the phone box’. That’s my favourite. I’ve got that on a t-shirt.”

Well, that’s just bloody typical. I spend years telling Joshua to stop stretching his t-shirt and pulling it over his head. And then what happens? Someone invents a good reason for actually doing it.


Available here (and, I’m sure, elsewhere).

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“Jenny, I don’t think we should do roleplay any more.”

I may have just found Emily’s Valentine’s gift.*



Or, you know, there’s this one.


These are my favourites of the eight on the original post. The full list is available here (and thank you sj for brightening up my evening with that). Now, if someone can do an Ice Warriors dress, I can die happy.

* I’ve actually got her DS Mario Kart. She doesn’t read this blog so I don’t have to worry about her finding out. Probably.

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Arrest the scarf

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, I give you knitted TARDIS socks.

(Many thanks to Victoria Rose for showing me this – she found it on Teenage Granny’s blog, and patterns are available here and here. I will be reaching for the knitting needles this evening, in a good way.)

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