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Folks! New thing.

If you’re a regular at Brian of Morbius, you can’t have failed to notice a shiny new widget on the sidebar (and, if you’re particularly eagle-eyed, on the menu at the top). For some time now I’ve been keeping a Facebook page designed to promote my YouTube stuff (and, I rather hoped, encourage submitted content from others). It has been a dismal failure. I think it’s largely because the videos usually go on my own timeline as well, and get shared in groups etc. in much the same way. Self-promotion was never my great love (there’s nothing that irritates me more than reading an article and finding the first comment is “Great piece! Check out my own semi-related thoughts below”) and when it comes to actually doing it, partly out of the necessity to network, I’m simply not very good at it.

It occurred to me yesterday that perhaps the best way to consolidate web traffic to and from Facebook was to have one page that does for everything: Metro / Kasterborous articles, videos and blog entries, as well as random other things that come along. Thus, The Smallerpictures of Reverend Brian of Morbius was born. (As a title it’s not strictly accurate. It implies a certain eponymity, and as I point out on the About Page, my name is neither Brian, nor Morbius. But some people seem to think that anyway, and it works rather well, and it was suggested by a friend of mine, and she does have a tendency to be right about these things.)

So I’m asking a favour. If you read this blog on a regular or semi-regular basis – or even if you’re just popping in and like what you see – and could find it in your heart of two hearts to like the page, it would be a fantastic way for a struggling freelancer to slowly and painfully increase what little publicity he manages to claw from a blog that hardly anyone reads and YouTube videos that tend to flounder like minnows in the three hundred hours of footage uploaded to the site every minute (and yes, I had to look that up). It may seem like a pointless thing to do, if you already get email notifications, but it would mean a lot to me personally, and I would be very grateful. I thank you in advance.

Of course, doing this does mean I’ll know your real name, but I won’t necessarily match that with your WordPress ID – and even if I do, we’ll keep that between us, eh?


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