God is in the detail (9-1)

Behold! I return to sweep away the less plausible fan theories and the nonsense flooding the Doctor Who forums. Clear out the rot! Banish those stupid ideas about Missy! Yes, folks, we return once more to our regular series examining the CLUES and SIGNS from each new episode and WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN. And this time, WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN turns out to be the Tenth Doctor.

(Veteran readers of this blog will note a change in numbering style. I can’t keep on with those Roman numerals. I was having to Google them every week.)

Today, ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’. First, have a look at Davros’ hospital on Skaro.

9-1 Detail (6)

Still not sure why that design is familiar? Look again.

9-1 Detail (6b)

(I really wanted one of Zippy with his mouth closed, but in all of them his hand was in the way. Oh well.)

Roy Skelton voiced the classic Daleks in many original Doctor Who stories, as well as providing the voice for both Zippy and George in ITV’s Rainbow. And any excuse, of course, to drag out this.

Back in the minefield, we have a young Davros, surrounded by Things That Lurk In The Earth.

9-1 Detail (1)

There are forty-five discernible hands here. The number forty-five has a deep and tangible significance in the expanded Whoniverse: the Master once owned a Type 45 TARDIS; in Torchwood the 45 Club were a group of Miracle Day survivors who embarked upon a suicide pact by jumping forty-five floors; Forty-Five was also a set of Big Finish audio stories that all linked to the number in one way or another, produced to mark Doctor Who‘s forty-fifth birthday. Tenth Doctor David Tennant will be forty-five next birthday. Oh, and story number forty-five was ‘The Mind Robber’, known for being generally fantastic, and ripe for a revisit. Such as this one.

But there’s more. Doctor Who turned forty-five in 2008. And in 2008 series four was broadcast. With the Tenth Doctor. And Peter Capaldi. And Davros. THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE.

Now, examine the stickers on the window of Clara’s classroom.

9-1 Detail (2)

The butterfly. It’s a symbol of change and renewal. The fact that both the butterfly and the snowflake are placed at opposite ends of Clara’s head is a SUREFIRE AND CONCRETE INDICATION that her face is about to change. And what sort of faces change when they renew themselves? That’s right. TIME LORD FACES.

But what of the snowflake? Could it symbolise, for example, this?


Of course it does. The poses are identical. Moreover this particular scene takes place at Christmas, on Trenzalore, where it is usually snowing. From this we may therefore conclude that Clara will regenerate in the snow, and that her successor will be none other than Idina Menzel, who played Elsa in Frozen. How do we know? Well, her name is an anagram of ‘Inn? Lied! MAZE’, an explicit reference to Doctor Who in that it summarises ‘The God Complex’ in three words. It doesn’t get any more explicit or concrete than this. I swear.

Snowflakes also make an appearance here:

9-1 Detail (5)

There are twelve whole and visible snowflakes on those lower panels, which correspond to the twelve canonical Doctors. Up above, and on the left, there are a further three: the Watcher, the Valeyard and the War Doctor respectively. And the one that’s almost-but-not-quite there, just to the right? That’s Peter Cushing, obviously.

Finally, we’re back on the numbers. Take a look at the UNIT video screen.

9-1 Detail (4)

Ignore the text in the middle, and glance at the encircled numbers. Applying each to story titles, we get:

08 – The Reign of Terror

23 – The Ark

98 – The Ribos Operation

64 – The Time Monster

12 – The Romans

88 – The Deadly Assassin

It’s not obvious from the start, but every single one of these is linked to the Tenth Doctor. He visited Pompeii, which was inhabited by ‘The Romans’, and destroyed the Master’s tyrannical rule, or ‘Reign of Terror’. Lurking in the Satan Pit he found a ‘Monster’ that had been there since before the beginning of ‘Time’, and encountered Daleks who were protecting their Genesis ‘Ark’. And ‘The Ribos Operation’ is of course an anagram for ‘Barhop Notorieties’, which describes his last meeting with Jack.

Moreover, in ‘Blink’ the Tenth Doctor informs Sally Sparrow that the Weeping Angels were once known as ‘The Lonely Assassins’. Tenuous? How do you find these numbers when you examine the screen? That’s right. You look to your left. I will say that again in case it wasn’t clear. You LOOK. TO. YOUR. LEFT.

I think we all know what that means, don’t you? God, I missed this.

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7 thoughts on “God is in the detail (9-1)

  1. drswirly

    45 is also the sum of numbers from 1 to 9. And what comes next after 9, eh?

  2. And another thing: some of the old Daleks we see are now in colour. Which could mean we’ll be seeing colourised re-releases of The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Chase, The Daleks’ Masterplan, The Power of the Daleks and the Evil of the Daleks.

    • reverend61

      I’d kind of like to see a purple Dalek, if only because it’ll really annoy the Christian right.

    • reverend61

      Actually, -any- version of Power / Evil of the Daleks would be good. It’s Troughton!

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