Mugabe Stumbles

If you read this regularly, you’ll know that I normally space posts out in order to avoid spamming you with excessive waffling. However, I have made an exception today, in order to comment on the sensational news story that made headlines across the world yesterday, as ROBERT MUGABE FALLS OVER WALKING DOWN SOME STEPS.

Actually, it wasn’t so much that part that made us all interested as much as the security detail’s unsuccessful attempts to destroy the copious photographic evidence amassed after the unfortunate incident. This – coupled with the West’s general hatred for the incompetent despot – caused the whole thing that go viral in a series of Photoshopped images, some of which were better than others. There is a part of me that feels a little bit uncomfortable about laughing at a ninety-year-old man tripping over his own feet, but I have no love for Mugabe or his regime, having heard first hand about some of the things he did, from people who lived there.

But this isn’t a political post; this is just me weighing in with the usual selection of hastily assembled JPEGs. First we have the obligatory Dinopaws photo.


And in another forest elsewhere, the Eleventh Doctor is running away from…something. (I think this is ‘Hide’, but I can’t be absolutely sure.)


Here’s Mugabe hanging out with the Scooby gang.


And finally (and I confess I rather like this one) here’s a deleted scene from ‘Pyramids of Mars’.

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