The Doctor Who Quiz

Right. I think we could all do with a little light relief after the intensity of the last few weeks – and it’s coming courtesy of my other half, while I procrastinate over that final God is in the Detail entry.

Emily doesn’t blog (unless there’s some secret LiveJournal thing written under an assumed name. Do people still do LiveJournal?). She doesn’t spend hours creating memes to host on Tumblr. She doesn’t create random video mashups for an intended audience of single figures. But she does a lot of online courses, and when she’s not learning about neurology, philosophy or economic theory, she’s an avid quizzer. In the event of a pub trivia quiz, she is a good person to have on your team, largely because she knows an awful lot of stuff about an awful lot of things (whereas I just ace the Spot The Intro round and then bury my head in the sand when it comes to the Sports category).

Emily’s a member of a quiz team at, and as well as taking part in tournaments, quickfire games and events, she occasionally creates her own quizzes. When, the other week, she said she was thinking of doing a Doctor Who themed one, I decided that it was just about the most romantic thing she’d done in all our years of marriage. This illusion was quickly shattered.

“No, it’s just that I don’t really watch much other TV. Well, apart from Holby.”

We talked for a while about possible topics – I suggested a companions quiz, a quotes quiz and a regeneration-themed quiz, but in the end, and having a better grasp of her audience than I did, she decided that it would be more fun to have a general knowledge quiz that new fans (or even non-fans) would be able to answer. For example:




Each answer is annotated by interesting facts courtesy of my other half (with no input from me whatsoever). For example, this one reads “In reality, The Doctor regenerates when they want the character to be played by a different actor. He is not a mogwai or a lycanthrope.”

Anyway: the quiz is available here. You don’t have to be a member to play it, but if you enough people join (using this link), she gets a badge. And – well, you know.


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