The Man in the Orange Suit

Today’s Metro headline: Peter Capaldi spotted in Wales wearing an orange space suit.

I’m amused by the fact that they seriously expect us to believe that Port Talbot could double for Lanzarote. Gareth, meanwhile, says that he likes “how the headline is the ‘matching spacesuits!’ bit, and the implication that maybe astronauts on NASA missions usually each have the own designer spacesuit, in different colours and with different accessories.  (To the pedantic: I’m sure, of course, that real spacesuits are very much individually tailored to each astronaut.  But you know what I mean.)”

Doctor Who location stories are seldom very interesting. Engineered purely for the sake of momentum, they provide talking points for the fans – glimpses of old / new monsters, speculation on plot points, along with excitement at the appearance of the Zygons, and dread at the appearance of Alex Kingston. (Don’t take it personally, Alex. It’s not you, it’s the Mrs Robinson thing. Perhaps it’ll be more convincing with Doctor number 12.)

Of course, if you want to, you can play Location Still Bingo, and look for the following:

1. Shot of lead actor conversing with director; at least one of them must be pointing at something



2. Shot of lead actor enjoying private joke with co-star between takes



3. Shot of lead actor standing outside the TARDIS



4. Shot of lead actor looking mildly disgruntled and trying not to look at press cameras


Anyway. The Wales News Service photos really aren’t particularly interesting, so I thought it might be better if we spiced them up a bit. And I didn’t want Peter to get lonely. Happy quarrying.

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