Spotted in Metro

My friend Charles commutes to London and noticed this in the free paper they give out across the rail network.


Apparently Daleks kidnapped someone at Westminster…

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6 thoughts on “Spotted in Metro

  1. Frivolous Monsters

    I’m looking forward to this a lot… I just hope it lives up to expectations. I was quite surprised to hear they’ve cast Patrick Troughton!

    • reverend61

      I know! I shall reserve judgement until I’ve seen Sheersmith in action, but I do wish Gatiss would go outside his old boys’ network. (Mind you, how he keeps getting writing gigs is beyond me. His work on Who is crap.)

      • Frivolous Monsters

        As you say it’s who you know. He is best mates with Steven Moffat. Even his Sherlock in the last series was the weakest. I was a big fan of his Dickens episode, but Russell T Davies has made many illusions as to how much he himself re-wrote (without writing credit) the scripts of others, so you never know how much was the named writer. I think the Gatiss Dalek story has been the weakest all round.

      • reverend61

        Yes. I seem to remember ‘The Beast Below’ wasn’t a great episode, but it’s cleverly sequenced so it appears just before ‘Victory of the Daleks’. After the spitfires in space, I’m prepared to forgive Moffat for just about anything.

      • Frivolous Monsters

        I didn’t like the Beast Below because it had a very rushed ending. I saw a repeat recently and there is a lot of good stuff in it and it holds up better on repeated viewing. I think that and the Daleks that followed suffered from budget cuts as some of that series came in at very odd short times.

      • reverend61

        My problem with Daleks is that the timing is all off. Spitfires that exist as a theoretical concept that can be airborne and AT THE SURFACE OF THE MOON within twenty minutes of the Professor plucking them out of his brain? It’s lazy, sloppy writing. As a resolution, it’s unforgivable. The Doctor’s bluff with the jammy dodger is stretched to breaking point; it’s as if Gatiss said “Ooh, I need another page of dialogue here but really can’t think of what to write, so I’ll have the Doctor wave a biscuit around for a minute and a half.” I shall stop there because I’m tentatively working on a Worst of New Who post and that one is, I think, going to make the list.

        The one thing I do like is the Dalek serving tea. I had that as my morning alarm for some weeks. (It’s now Sheldon Cooper.)

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