Other things I could have called this blog

A recent conversation with Gareth about Kraftwerk (it would be too convoluted to deconstruct, but trust me) has made me think about the title of this blog. It seems that more than a few people have found it by typing ‘Brain of Morbius’ but getting the spelling wrong. Indeed, if you Google for it you’ll have an auto search for ‘Brain’. When I registered the thing I almost called it ‘Behind the sofa’, which would have been fine, but dreadfully cliché. Emily suggested ‘Who’s Who’, which is the title of at least one book about the show, and while it stayed in the running, my affection for Tom Baker won the day.

‘Brian of Morbius’ doesn’t actually work, if you examine it, because Morbius is a person, rather than a planet from which someone named Brian might originate. It only really fits if you treat Morbius as a sort of Jungian collective in the same way you’d refer to, for instance, Locutus of Borg, and given Morbius’s status as a Time Lord I suppose that sort of makes sense. (When you think about it, it’s interesting that the Doctor doesn’t refer to himself as ‘we’ more often, the way that monarchs do – given his God complex it would be consistent with his character.)

Anyway, this got me thinking and, given the propensity amongst Who writers to produce serials that follow the ‘Subject of Object’ pattern (see a previous post for an expansion on this), I came up with a list of other titles I could have given this blog. Here they are in chronological order – some of them are fairly obscure, and it might be helpful to have this page on standby if you want any of them translated. I have stuck with obvious first names only, avoiding fantasy or shoehorned names (where possible), and I haven’t gone any further forward than 1987, but I’m sure it could be expanded… 

  • Ryan of Terror
  • Miss Acre of St Bartholomew’s Eve
  • Tom of the Cybermen
  • Will in Space
  • Terry of the Autons
  • Klaus of Axos
  • Jenny, Sis of the Daleks
  • Terry of the Zygons
  • Harry of Fang Rock
  • The Stans of Blood
  • Stuart of Decay
  • Marc of Infinity
  • Janet of Fire
  • Mark of the Rani (OK, this one doesn’t really count)
  • Terry of the Vervoids
  • Tim and the Rani

There was ‘The Ann Droids of Tara’ as well, of course, but that really feels like cheating.

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