You must meet my wife

Gareth sent me this, and yes, the whole thing is so Freudian you could write a thesis on it. (Has anyone tried to psychoanalyse Moffat? We really should.)


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5 thoughts on “You must meet my wife

  1. I am wondering how much we’ll see of River in upcoming episodes. Surely we must be getting close to her time in the Library.

    I’m still annoyed that Jim the Fish happened off screen. <.<

    • reverend61

      Yes, it’s Moffat doing a JK Rowling and claiming ownership on that storyline. Thing is, while she looks good for her age Alex Kingston isn’t getting any younger and we know from established continuity that River doesn’t get any older (although he must be able to pull off some sort of trickery to get her out of the library). Similarly, they could easily tell the Jim the Fish story in flashback, although it’s now become such a meme that whatever Moffat comes up with couldn’t possibly live up to the hype, and he knows that.

      I think there was an online episode that featured River and the Doctor going to the singing towers, which is the last thing they did before she died – and that was the Eleventh. But there’s no reason why River couldn’t meet, say, the Twelfth Doctor if Moffat’s still running the show…

      • I know you’re not the hugest fan of her storyline, but I’d like to see what they manage to do with her before she IS too old to play the role anymore. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her, but I can’t imagine how much longer they can stretch it out.

      • reverend61

        My thinking is that this is Moffat’s baby and he’s not going to be around forever. So when he bows out, he’ll take River with him, and the new chief writer will probably ignore her, in much the same way that he ignored Jack, Wilf and the god-awful irritating Tylers.

      • I can’t be alone in hoping he leaves before Smith’s tenure is over, can I? I’d really like to see what he could get up to with someone else at the helm.

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