The eventual death of Rory Williams

Now that this story has been closed, and the Ponds have departed the world of Doctor Who for good, in a final, unambiguous manner that means they’ll never be returning to the show under any circumstances, we can produce a final and definitive list of the many deaths of Rory Pond Williams.

The problem is that such lists are in abundance, all over the web. This one dates from halfway through series six.

It’s quite funny, but the ‘Oh my God! They killed Rory!’ meme has quickly become very tiresome. I really couldn’t figure out what I could possibly bring to the fold that was new, apart from to go through all the spinoff material and list all his non-canonical deaths, which would take more time than I currently have.

So what the hey; you can have it in the form of a puzzle instead. Silly, but at least it’s reasonably Doctor Who Adventures in approach.

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2 thoughts on “The eventual death of Rory Williams

  1. Kind of on topic. I assume you’ve seen this? It’s only a few hours old, let me be the first to show it to you!

    • reverend61

      I read about it a couple of hours back, but only just got the chance to watch it. I like it, but think it’s better in storyboard form than it would have been on film. I also quite like the fact that they didn’t film it…

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