Eight years and three regenerations later


It’s our wedding anniversary, so I thought you might like to see some photos.

Sorry. (And I know my Photoshop skills are third rate; it’s the thought that counts…)

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5 thoughts on “Eight years and three regenerations later

  1. Aw, that last one is my favourite. Happy Anniversary! Our 14th is coming up on Hallowe’en.

    • reverend61

      Thanks! You got married on Halloween? Was that on purpose, or did it just happen to be the right day?

      • sj

        WELL! The band that was on the stereo the night he asked me to marry him was playing in Vegas on Hallowe’en, so we took that as a sign and eloped.

      • reverend61

        That is almost unbelievably romantic.

      • sj

        😀 We think so. One of our friends that went with us to be our witness still tells the story.

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