Lego Dalek

The other week, I sat down with the boys and we all watched ‘Victory of the Daleks’.

Those among you who haven’t blocked this episode from your brains the way I tried to will recall that it features this scene.

Minus the silly (but eerily appropriate) music, of course.

The following morning, Joshua asked me why the Daleks had been redesigned.

“Do you want the honest answer?”
“It’s so the toy companies can sell more toys.”
“What, really?”
“Yes. Because they produce a whole new bunch of slightly different Daleks in a series of colours, and then all the collectors want to buy them.”

Within the hour, with no help from me, he had produced this.

I should add that the most recent New Who episode at that point had been ‘The Power of Three’, which featured extraterrestrial cubes. And which he hasn’t seen, but it’s still kind of spooky. I sense a future in design.

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3 thoughts on “Lego Dalek

  1. Missus Tribble

    I dearly wish that Victory Of The Daleks had never happened. Awesome Lego Dalek though 🙂

    • reverend61

      Yes. At least the next time we saw the Daleks they appeared to be proper Daleks, rather than wide-bottomed ones…

      • Missus Tribble

        Also, they arrived to simply disappear. What was all that about then?

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