“Save me a costume. I love a knees up”

Subversive things to do at a Doctor Who-themed birthday party:

1. Give every new arrival a gas mask and when there are four or five, have them all wait in silence in the lounge. Now every time the doorbell rings, you usher the next guest into the hall and have everyone groan “Muuuuuummmmyyyyyyy…….”

2. Go as the Master, then shave your beard off halfway through, before re-emerging from the bathroom announcing you’ve regenerated.

3. Serve actual fish fingers with a custard dip. Right before home time.

 I have been vetoed from item three. Item one would have been the most fun, but gas masks are extremely hard to come by unless you have the cash, or access to a community theatre group who’ve just put doneOh! What a Lovely War. Item two is, of course, my choice completely, but even after scouring all the charity shops in town I can’t find a black turtle neck that’s going for less than thirteen quid – and given that I’m never going to wear the thing again, it seems like a bit of a waste. I love Josh dearly, but even I have my limits.

We will have to make do with this. Less daring, but it should keep them quiet.

And so on. Said images – four of which are included below – will be stuck around the house.

You get the idea. The numbers, by the way, are – well, you’ll figure it out. Really they’re just there to make sure the kids actually play the game properly, rather than just spending the first two minutes working out that the answer is ‘Sonic Screwdriver’. You have to fill up the time…

(We’re also going to play Musical Weeping Angels, which is like Musical Statues, except – well, you’ll figure it out. I promise photos.)

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8 thoughts on ““Save me a costume. I love a knees up”

  1. Frivolous Monsters

    I’m a vegetarian, but fish fingers and custard seems a must… Along with Jammy Dodgers.

    • reverend61

      Yep, they’re on the list! (Along with jelly babies, fairy cakes with silver ball bearings…and celery.)

      • Frivolous Monsters

        You’ve got hard-core kids then with celery and jelly babies. Surely Carrot juice, ginger pop, and banana daiquiris to was them down with!

      • reverend61

        Still thinking about drinks. Carrot juice, possibly…

  2. LabourOlavian

    Have you got a downloadable copy of the file for this? Would love to do something similar.

  3. Jasmine

    OMG!!! this is exactly what I was about to do, thank you so much you have saved me a whole lot of stress in the little time that I’m trying to organise, whilst baking the Tardis cake. Your a superstar! thank you sooo much.

    • reverend61

      Do you know, Jasmine, when I get a message like this, it makes the whole thing worthwhile. I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck with the party!

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